In many older buildings, there aren’t any light fixtures in the center of the ceiling so people have to use lamps.  We have several units like this.  Slowly, we are starting to put in ceiling fans.  I’m a big “fan” of ceiling fans.  Personally, I think for rentals they are great.  People like to save on electricity and they like to air out their house or apartment so why not?

I love ceiling fans! I know they aren’t designer, etc. But they are functional. And I love functional! So, maybe it’s a good thing I’m in the rental market.  I feel like many pretty design elements aren’t functional and that’s disappointing to me. I also like to feel the breeze inside – it makes me feel like I’m in a tropical location.

Also, ceiling fans can provide plenty of light if you pick the right one. I like to get the ones with multiple light bulbs and no cover on them to filter the light. At least for rentals – I feel like the brighter the better. If they don’t like the bright light then they can have lamps in the room and use those instead. Or they can put softer light bulbs.  It’s their option. They had them on sale at Home Depot for $70 – what a deal!  About the same as a light fixture – depending on the light fixture.

Unfortunately, you sometimes have to butcher the ceilings a bit to get any kind of light fixture in but some patchwork and you should be good..  See this post on patching the holes: Patching Holes

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