A friend of mine gave me a genius idea – she spray painted her light fixtures instead of buying new so I had to try it for myself!  

Rather than spend the money on new light fixtures when we had perfectly good ones, we spray painted them!

We just recently changed out all our cabinet hardware to get rid of the brassy gold stuff and so we just needed to update the fixtures since they were also brassy gold.

The can says Oil Rubbed Bronze – that was the color of the spray paint and it was perfect for that bronze look to match our cabinet handles.  I also used this same spray paint to paint the picture frames in the magnet board collage that I posted a couple days ago.

Woohoo!  Looks like new to me!  🙂

Now, the ceiling fan, I did not dare try to paint (though I’m sure it’s possible – just doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort).  My daughter’s ceiling fan went out in her room so I convinced my frugal husband that we could move the living room ceiling fan into my daughter’s room and get a new (bronze metal) fan for the living room.  It was quite an upgrade since we even got a larger sized fan which is nice for air flow.  Yay for no more brassy gold!



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