After cleaning behind the oven in one of our rentals, I believe land lording could qualify to be on that show, “World’s Dirtiest Jobs”.  I joke, but seriously.  My husband usually does most of the dirty work and I do mean dirty.  This one was mine to own though b/c he just has so much other stuff to do that I don’t have the skills to do.  :-/  It pays to be skilled, eh?  I need to get him to teach me some more stuff so I can send him to clean the toilets, etc.  :-p

Here’s a picture of the before:


And After:


I used Greased Lightning and the Spray bottle of Goo Gone to get this clean.  I started with paper towels b/c I didn’t want to destroy all my rags, then finished with rags. And definitely wear gloves!  Some of the grease that was on the sides of the cabinets, I had to scrape off first with my handy dandy 14 in 1 painter’s tool which I’m going to have to devote a post to b/c I love it so much..  So relieved to have this project over.  Yuck.  I don’t think I’ve ever even cleaned behind my own oven – ugh..  I need to.

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