Who doesn’t like slime?  All parents relish the idea of their kids playing with slime, right?!?!  Probably not.  My youngest child became obsessed with playing with slime.  She was actually saying, “swime bideos” into the speaker search of You Tube kids and watching people make slime all day long.  So, eventually I gave in after a lot of excuses and we made slime.  So far, we’ve made 3 different types of slime


Now, we had made oobleck before and I kept telling her that’s slime so we’ve already done it.  But nope that didn’t work.  She wanted “real” slime.  Oobleck is really cool though – we accidentally made it when trying to make some sidewalk chalk paint and they like it even better than side walk chalk paint.  It’s definitely an outside activity though and so is slime in my opinion.

Oobleck is just corn starch and water mixed together and we add a packet of kool-aid to it for the color. Don’t worry – it won’t permanently stain your patio – at least it didn’t stain ours. You’ve just got to keep adding corn starch to the water until you get the right consistency.

Galaxy Slime

For the slime, we decided to make Galaxy slime. Here’s a link to the video:

You need these ingredients:
Saline Solution
Transparent Glue (got this at Wal-Mart)
Baking Soda

Put the transparent glue into a bowl and then about a teaspoon of baking soda and mix. Add some drops of paint (as desired) and mix. Add Glitter and mix. Add saline solution and mix.

We found that we had to keep adding the saline solution to make it less gooey and sticky. Just keep adding this until it gets to the consistency you want. One tip: Do not let the kids jump rope with the slime! This happened to us – it does wash out of the hair though so that’s a good thing. :-p

Another note – sometimes you have to scrap it and start over. Once I left the kids to start the slime without me and when I came outside they all looked like swamp things dripping slime. Never let them get started without you no matter how much they beg. And, to make matters worse, the water spicket outside was broken. I was starting to wonder if the fire department made courtesy calls to hose down kids when slime doesn’t go well. :-p

Here’s some pictures (of the times it went well) :-p:






Liquid Starch Based Slime

For this one, we used regular Elmer’s glue, Liquid Starch, & Water in equal parts. It’s more of a slimier slime – more gooey. We like it though. We left it white and just added glitter to it. We ran out of transparent glue so that’s why we decided to make this one. I happened to have the other ingredients on hand.

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