The kids make do when you have to renovate. They love using leftovers. Here’s a pic of what they did with baseboard scraps. They really do like to help, but unfortunately, I really do like to focus. So, it’s hard thinking up ways to keep them occupied besides the movie player. This was one. Also, giving them damp rags and toothbrushes with a cup of water to scrub grout is another one that I’ve used. They just want to feel like they are helping. Although, that backfired with my three year old b/c after she scrubbed dirty grout for a while, she ended up putting the dirty toothbrush in her mouth. šŸ™ Oh well, you win some you lose some. Usually, we head to the library and pick out a ton of movies before going to work on a property. They use our portable movie player and that entertains them for a while. But, then you have to get creative..


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