Because I love magnet and tack boards so much, I decided to update this hallway in between the kitchen and the office into a place where I could put the menu for the week, to do lists, hang the kids artwork, homework, Christmas cards, pictures, etc.  Why not?  I already had the magnet board collage on the one side (as per earlier post), but I made the 4 tack boards more recently (over Christmas break) using different colored yarn to match the magnet boards and hung those up using french cleats.  My husband actually did the hanging and boy was he excited and not in a good way!!! j/k – sort of :-p  I actually made the tack boards instead of putting together Christmas cards to send out (which would explain my lack of Christmas cards received)  b/c I’m ADD like that and I REALLY enjoy doing new projects when I’m supposed to be doing something else – isn’t it strange how that works?  Anyone else like that?  Some pics below:

Hallway_TackboardsAll Hallway_Tackboard Hallway_MagnetBoards Hallway_BothSides

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