Don’t you love having to update bathrooms?!?!  It’s my least favorite thing b/c after all it’s just where you go to poop – how fancy does it have to be?  Well, we aren’t always rational beings, right?

Everything in these bathrooms was purchased at Home Depot so that makes it nice and easy.  I’ve been told that Moen is the best brand to buy when selecting faucets/shower heads, etc so I try to stick with that brand where it’s available.  And also to never put ceramic tile on the floors (it’s cheaper but more likely to crack) so I selected porcelain tile.

We did have some unknowns come up – we had to replace most of the sub-floor in both bathrooms due to water damage (not surprising considering these bathrooms haven’t been updated since 1969 – we think) and we discovered some pipes needed to be updated once we opened the walls.  You always have to expect the unexpected.

Isn’t that what they say on Survivor? Renovating can be a little like Survivor. Mentally, you are stressed b/c you aren’t sure if you picked the right contractor. Physically, you may not be showering – in the case of a bathroom update. Or you may not be eating right – in the case of a kitchen update. There’s dust everywhere and loud noises – as if you are in the wild.

Anyway, I digress..  When renovating – something always comes up, doesn’t it?!?!  It does for us and I don’t think we are alone. Or that would be more like Naked and Afraid – anybody watch that show?  I used to be against it b/c hello they are naked and in what world are you going to be naked and lost. You should at least have a pair of initial clothes, right?  You’re not going to be like – Hey! I’m lost!  And then proceed to rip off your clothes.  But now I’m a fan of the show b/c it’s so interesting minus all the butt shots.  Again, I digress.  My ADD gets me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Don Sladek from Sladek Construction LLC was our contractor (you can find him on Facebook) and he did an amazing job at a great price and in good time.  We highly recommend him!  It seriously only took him about 1 week per bathroom. But I’m sure that changes based on complexity – ours were relatively no frills. In case you are interested, here are the selections we made regarding tile, etc:

Wall Tile Selection:
Grout: Polyblend #115 Platinum
Store SKU# 1001256662
Tile: MARAZZI VitaElegante Bianco 6 in. x 24 in. Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile (14.53 sq. ft. / case)
Store SKU# 1000047587

Floor Tile Selection:
Grout: Polyblend #165 Delorean Gray
Store SKU# 656844
Tile: MARAZZI Studio Life Central Park 12 in. x 24 in. Glazed Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile (15.60 sq. ft. / case)
Store SKU# 1001292431

Hall Bathroom
Hall Bathroom

Master bathroom:

Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom

The paint color we chose for the walls is Antique White.  They are small bathrooms and it’s a rental so I figure you can’t go wrong with that.  It also brightens them up and makes them feel bigger.



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