This is just a random collage that ended up being a big pain, but I love the end result.  Did I mention that my obsession isn’t just with magnet board collages, but collages in general?  Yes, love them!

So, what happened was, picture frames were on sale at Michael’s (turns out they always are), so I snatched up a bunch of different sizes in white.

I was all excited to do this collage, but then ended up letting them sit in my office for a little over a year before I decided to do anything with them.  :-/

At that point, I realized that to buy mats for these odd sizes that I bought was going to cost about $44 per frame (double the price of the frames).  WHAT?!?!  And now it was too late to return them.

Well, long story short, we ended up buying a mat cutter for $30 and doing it ourselves.  It was a full day project, but way better than spending $44/frame.

My husband arranged them on the floor a few times and got the layout just right – he’s way better at spacial arrangements than me.  I love what he came up with though.  Figured I’d share for those who want to do a similar collage.  But definitely try to buy frames with standard mat sizes.  Don’t make the same mistake I did!




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