Here’s an example of the letter we send the tenants about a month before their move out date.  How you send it depends on how you normally communicate – we tend to communicate over email where possible but some of our tenants never check their email so in those cases, we have to use snail mail.

Dear Tenant:

Please keep the following in mind for your move:

  • Please make sure you do your best to clean up the apartment after you move your belongings out.
  • We will need an address in which to mail the security deposit.  You should receive the deposit within 30 days as long as the apartment is in order.
  • Don’t forget to transfer the utilities out of your name on the day you move so that you don’t continue to get billed
  • Send the post office a change of address form.
  • You can leave the keys (including the mailbox key) and garage door openers in the apartment.

Once you have finished cleaning and removed all of your belongings, let me know.  Thanks for taking care of the apartment and let us know if you have any questions.

We have set up landlord agreements with most of the utility companies so when someone moves out it automatically switches back into our name and gets billed to us.  This is important to double check because it can be costly if something gets shut off and you have to get it turned back on.

 Also, this website has a great, more formal move out letter:



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