I love DIY wall art in general!  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that already though I’m not overly creative so you’re not going to see anything magazine-worthy here, but I’m happy with the results which is all that matters, right?  :-p  I love that you can choose the colors, the content, etc.

So, there are a few sayings that I really love and I’ve made a frame for each of the girl’s rooms with custom phrases for each of them – tailored to their personalities.  I’ve also made a couple for my dining room.  I used Picasa – it’s free!  Here’s a link to the tutorial I used:

Centsational Girl

I love Centsational Girl’s blog – I could spend hours there on the weekend and sometimes do!  Here’s some pictures of the word art that I’ve made so far:

For my very emotional daughter:


For the daughter that gets a nervous belly ache everyday before school..


Because my one daughter thinks she’s a princess and she is of the one true King.


For the breakfast room, because we need a daily reminder, even before breakfast:

WallArtCommandments WallArtNeighbor

And it kind of looks like a bowl, right?  Or a vase, but whatever…  :-p

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