Anyone who knows me knows I’m not really that into cleaning, but with rental properties I have become the cleaning lady (reluctantly) so I’ve learned a few tricks that I can pass on – through typing things like, “HELP! How to clean caulk easily, instantly, with absolutely no actual work via telepathic means or osmosis” into Google.

My husband always makes fun of me b/c I can’t say the name Dawn.  I pronounce it Don, not like he does – Dwaawnnn..  But I wouldn’t want to make that same mistake with the word caulk.  Isn’t that a hard word to say?  If you botch that word up – it becomes a not so appropriate word.  So, I’m extra careful with this word when I speak.  😀

Anyway, I’ve recently tried this trick using Bleach!!  It works on white caulk but I’m not so sure it would be good for tinted caulk – you’d have to test it first.  I get two cotton balls and soak them with Bleach, then place them on the caulk and let them sit there for 24 hours.

I use multiple cotton balls or whatever it takes to cover the opening of the bleach container – so I can just tilt it over to soak them.  One cotton ball would allow bleach to spill everywhere which wouldn’t be good.  It’s a bit tedious if you have to cover the whole area.  Usually, you only have to do certain spots, but with rentals it’s sometimes the whole thing b/c it gets so dirty.  It’s tedious but if you take the time to do it, you will see results. You have to wear gloves, of course.

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