Every time we need to renovate a place or get it ready to be rented, we have to maintain two, sometimes three, households, so it’s important for us to keep a list of things we’ll need to bring and possibly leave at the rental property for a while.

Here’s our list of important items (this might help someone else out there):

Bryon’s toolbox (this is the black box that has everything – sorry can’t include it all here b/c I don’t really know what’s in there.. :-p)
Putty Knife
Screwdriver (all types)
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Small screw remover (it’s a tool, but I don’t know the technical name)
Trash Can
Trash Bags
Cleaning Gloves
Cleaning Rags
Cleaning toothbrushes
Hand Soap
Dish Washing Liquid
Dish Washing Detergent
Paint Brush
Paint Rollers
Paint Tray
Paint Can Opener
Sand paper
Resolve Carpet Cleaner
Vinegar (for cleaning)
Bleach (for cleaning)
Ammonia (for cleaning)
Oxi Clean (for cleaning)
Baking Soda (for cleaning)
Spray bottle (for cleaning mixes)
Baby Wipes (for dirty hands and cleaning and everything under the sun)
Movie Player
Movie Player plug (adapter to adjust from car plug to wall plug)
Step Stool
Work Clothes
Butter knife
Plates (some glass some paper)
Chairs (lawn chairs or regular folding table chairs)
Folding table (optional)
Contact Paper (if need to recover shelves)
Dust Pan
Mop Bucket
Floor Cleaner
Hand Towels
Work Towels
Caulk Gun
14 in 1 Paint Tool (see post on that:¬†Painter’s Tools All In One: 14 in 1 paint tool)
Pumpkin Candle (secret ingredient for showing houses – everyone likes the smell of pumpkin, right?!?) and a nice red hand towel to hang on the oven handle – boom! rented! Everyone likes red. :-p
Snacks (lots of snacks for the kids AND motivation for the adults. For adults – it’s important to have those Mother’s brand cookies – they are like animal shapes with frosting and sprinkles. :-p)
Coffee – the pre-bottled kind that you can keep in the fridge – it’s quick, easy, it’s better than an IV (any kind – double espresso shot? anyone? Yes, please!)
Stuff for the kids to play with (sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water squirters, coloring books, crayons, markers, tablets, dvd’s, books (though they never choose this option – probably due to the 4 year old bugging them – and don’t bring over library books – it gets you into lots of financial trouble…))
Work Clothes for the kids (yes, I put them to work many times when they say they are bored – keeps them from saying they are bored. :-p)

I will continue to add to this list as stuff comes up.

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