My husband got me this 14 in 1 Paint tool which I, at first, thought was a big waste of money. I’m not a big gadget person. I just don’t like to have to make a place for them b/c I’m not the best organizer. Sometimes they are useful though and this one is.

I use it to open paint cans. It’s amazing for spreading spackle – better than the putty knife I had been using. I’ve used it for cleaning things as well – like scraping off mucked on grease. I used to use my thumb nail for everything – poor thumb nail – quite the opposite of a manicure, but I don’t get those anyway.  I’m really not patient enough to get a manicure and I kind of don’t care what my nails look like anyway – is that bad?

I read that it pulls nails out too (not the finger nails – that would be bad – I’m not THAT anti-fingernail!).  You can use it to pull out the nails in the wall.  Though, I haven’t tried that with it yet.  It also can clean off paint rollers.

The little screwdriver attachment on the end is great.  I always need a screwdriver for something or another – it comes with a flathead (or slotted) and phillips head.  I’m sure I’m going to find infinitely more uses for this as time goes on. Great purchase!  And I’m not even getting paid to advertise – what a shame!  :-p

The only thing they need to add to this is a cork screw.  :-p

It’s $5 at Home Depot.  Isn’t it funny how we will have $400 worth of stuff in our cart at Home Depot and then can’t stand to add another $5 to our cart.  I do that all the time!  I’m like – let me just save $2 and get the cheap painter’s tape that’s going to make my life a living Hell.  Never mind that I have $400 worth of stuff already in my cart.  :-p

BTW, just a funny side note.  My husband used the word, chamfered, the other day and I cracked up laughing (too many paint fumes).  I had no idea this was a word.  I told him, we should call ourselves Chamfered & Sons, LLC.  Only, we don’t have sons and I still have no idea what chamfered means.  :-p

Here’s a pic of my new gadget:


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