We did so much on this unit that it’s broken down into several posts.  Since it took us 9 months to complete, we are calling it our first real estate baby.  Hope no one drops it on it’s head!  :-p

We decided to DIY an IKEA kitchen:
See post on IKEA kitchen (4 part post):IKEA Kitchen Planning Design

Ceiling Fans:
We had an electrician put ceiling fans in all the rooms.  See this post on Ceiling Fans:Ceiling Fans

Patched Holes from Ceiling Fans:
See post on patching the holes: Patching Holes

Repainted all walls, ceilings, window trims, & closet doors.
For the paint colors, see this post: Lighter Shade Of Gray

Installed all new 6-panel doors throughout.

Opened up the doorway from the dining room to the kitchen:
See this link: Opening a Doorway

Duct Work:
We had to fix the duct work in the garage that was dented in pretty badly. We hired Morgner Heating & A/C to come out and put new duct work in.

We put new flooring throughout.  See this post on the flooring: Trying out Pergo XP in the Rental.  We actually used Allure Ultra in the kitchen because it is even more resistant to water.  They look so similar in color, don’t they?  You can hardly tell they are two different types of flooring.  We actually lucked out there because we didn’t even have a sample of the kitchen flooring – I ordered it online.  It’s called Sawcut Dakota.  We had Home Depot install it.

See this post on the bathroom gut: From Potty To Powder Room 03/2016

Repaired bathroom ceiling:
We had an issue while renovating where we had to repair the bathroom ceiling (after it had already been renovated.):Repairing Ceiling Water Leak

Shelf Liners:
I like to put shelf liners in the drawers and cabinets to protect them.  For some of the shelves (like the ones that are already damaged), I do permanent liners.  But for the new shelves, I do temporary, removable liners with no adhesive.

Here’s the before and after pictures of the unit:

Kitchen – Before
Kitchen – After
Kitchen – Before
Kitchen – After
Kitchen – Befoe
Kitchen – After
Kitchen Entry
Living Room – Before
Dining Room – Before
Dining Room/Living Room – After
Master Bedroom – Before
Master Bedroom – After
Second Bedroom – Before
Second Bedroom – After

No Before Picture for the Third Bedroom

Third Bedroom – After
Hall Bathroom – After
Master Bathroom – After

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